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Publication Data

Biography of author : Takuo Kida
Received the New Writer of the year of the Shincho Prize
Prose poetry: 乬Deep-sea Fish I, II, and III乭 published by Studio Oak
Novel: 乬Bitter light of the autumn乭 published by Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.
乬Note of Self-Analysis(illustration by Kazushi Fujii)乭 published by Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing, etc.
Serialized novel in Sports Nippon Newspapers: 乬Fierce Fighting! Touchdown!乭( illustration by Kazushi Fujii)

Biography of illustrator : Kazushi Fujii
Received the Grand Prize under the 12th Nissan Fairy Tale and Picture Book, 乬Riding on a bicycle乭(a picture book).
Serialized novel in Sports Nippon newspapers, 乬Fierce Fighting! Touchdown!( story by Takuo Kida)
乬Note of Self-Analysis(story by Takuo Kida)乭 published by Nippon Jistugyo Publishing
乬Dictionary to improve the ability to express yourself! Good for elementary school children!乭 published by PHP Institute
乬Picture Book of ABC(story by Machi Tawara)乭 published by Hachette Collections Japan
Other works: posters, magazine illustrations, book covers and illustrations for educational learning materials.

Planning by: The Preparatory Committee of publishing the charity picture book 乬A Miracle Tree乭
Japanese to English Translation
Noriko Nakano (Harmeln PJ Joint Team):
Etsuko Takeda (Special member, Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Ross Miller (Special member, Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Web design and operation
Hibiki Kitaoka (Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Planning and Promotion
Taeko Ichiji (Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Yuko Okado (Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Kazuo Onishi (Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Kazuko Kuma (Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Jiro Takeuchi (Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Zaichi Mori (Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Yoshiyuki Tokunaga (Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Keiko Fukunaga (Harmeln PJ Joint Team)
Published by: TATSUKI-SHORIN
Printing and Bookbinding by: BUNKA

This book has been able to be published, thanks to the people who supported this charity picture book. After the costs of distribution are deducted, all of the money raised by sales of this book will be donated to 乬Protecting Japanese children from radiation乭 and 乬the Funds for the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake乭.

We support 乬Protecting Japanese children from radiation乭 and 乬the Funds for the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake乭 through publishing the charity picture book 乬A Miracle Tree乭.


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